Annedroids – captivating science

The backstory – our children, Harry (6) and Freya (4) both enjoy being in charge of the tv remote. TV has become very much on demand viewing with both children preferring to watch their recorded shows (series link offers hours of viewing) or their preferred channels. Now we have a “smart” tv connected to our wifi,…
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5 Aug ’15 0

Space Dive

You can not afford to miss this programme.  Space Dive – a one-off documentary, Space Dive tells the behind-the-scenes story of Felix Baumgartner’s historic, record-breaking freefall from the edge of space to Earth. It is the entire STEM curriculum shrink wrapped into 90 mins. Science, Technology, Engineering and enough purposeful Maths to sink an average sized school. And…
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17 Nov ’12 0

Animation at a STEM Day

I am a big fan of animation work, on so many levels; the creativity, the storyboarding and sequencing, refining and adapting, to name the first few that spring to mind and I was really pleased to see an animation session available to students as an offering from the ICT Department on our STEM today. One…
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29 Jun ’12 2