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Upping the Anki for revision

We are entering a two mock cycle at our school. A full revision programme is underway; assemblies, revision packs, past papers, focused tutor groups delivering literacy and numeracy sessions*, revision planning sessions, post-it note mocks (live marking), walking-talking mocks, targeted support and that is before a programme of additional revision sessions is made available to…
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3 Nov ’19 2

How did I miss the importance of sleep to learning?

Given what I have learnt this week about about the importance of sleep to learning, to our well-being, it’s omission from past revision sessions and assemblies as a key strategy was a mistake. Here is why. The World Health Organisation is clear, the main effects of sleep deprivation include physical effects (sleepiness, fatigue, hypertension) cognitive…
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20 Oct ’19 0

AQA share exam tips

A few months back I asked all the exam boards if they could share the most common exam mistakes made by candidates, common exam blind spots or pot holes. I did ask for trade secrets, nor what was going to be in the Geology GCSE paper, nor how to out fox the wily examiner through stealth and cunning.…
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20 May ’15 0

The custard campaign

This is my second year Championing the “Cover it in Custard” campaign. We delivered the session to all Year 11 pupils (yes, all of them) Friday Period 5 & 6. It was set up as a mix of team building, thinking tasks and CUSTARD slides, scored using the new Tripticoplus scoreboard. If I am honest, the session did not…
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10 Feb ’15 0

Helping parents, help students, helps you

In previous years we have held parents and carer workshops on “How to help your child revise.” This year, with Y11 parents evening our Principal asked if we could put some resources together to help them, help their child revise. With something old, something borrowed (@shaun_allison) and something new (a new forgetting curve), I have created…
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10 Feb ’15 1

Cover it in custard

It started as a suggestion. Seven words tweeted as an acronym to help students answer 6 Mark exam questions more strategically. Then followed a tweeted picture from @HThompson1982.Then a funky slide, again tweeted, by @CES_teach. Finally, we though it would work well as a student credit card. (Just an amendments required to “Scribble words /…
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27 Apr ’14 1