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A sense of ‘us’ and digital natives my arse

Remote or distance learning requires a little extra effort to create a sense of us. It also offers new opportunities. Essentially, when you boil it all down, I follow the same routine that I follow in the classroom. It is the same ingredients with a slightly different bake. Connect. Teach. Check Understanding. Assess. ReTeach. Cards…
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14 Jan ’21 0

Google Meetings Extensions

Having now taught four remote lessons with Google Meeting – I was missing a few teaching tools. Grid View along side Google’s Gallery view – allows you to see all of your attendees. Nod – Reactions to Google Meet plus the very useful hands-up. All attendees need the extension installed. Push to Talk – Hold…
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22 May ’20 0

Log Me In and Slideshare.net

Sadly, during our Ministers presentation at SSAT, we were not able to see his presentation due to a corrupt USB drive. I was saddened that no-one in his support team had shown him one of the many remote services. He are two FREE solutions; LogMeIn (Windows/Mac) LogMeIn offering a quick, no-hassle set up to remotely…
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30 Nov ’08 0