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What % of outstanding schools have below average ability intake?

What percentage of outstanding schools have below average ability intake? It is a good question, isn’t it. What percentage of Outstanding schools have below average ability intake? Without the limitation of 140 characters “What percentage of Ofsted Outstanding rated schools have a below average intake?” If you follow the link through to the tweet, you…
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4 Mar ’15 7

Talking teaching – Outstanding

Today was an important day. Today I was supporting two colleagues, discussing lesson observations and defining a route way towards more effective teaching and learning. However, instead of discussing teaching and learning, professional development, we were discussing lesson observations inequalities. The inequalities of being observed – being observed teaching a high ability group versus a low ability group, a practical lesson…
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25 Nov ’13 0

Excelling against the odds

Here is the context. New to the role, new to Academies, a single conversation with rapid school improvement consultant Tony Stephens and half a term in. Forming, storming, norming done (at least I believe so), next steps performing. The Ofsted report ‘Twelve outstanding secondary schools, excelling against the odds,‘ seems a good place to start. Having defined…
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9 Feb ’13 0