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Meet MARGE and the rest of the book

There really is little more I can say, other than to reiterate Tom Sherrington’s encouraging words to grab a copy of Arthur Shimamura free ebook A Whole-Brain Learning Approach for Students and Teachers. Consume it in a couple of hour or so, it is well worth your time. If you one have 10 minutes, read Chapter 1 – “Meet Marge,”…
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Not mine. Learning – What is it, and how might we catalyse it? is the latest offer from Peps Mccrea – author of Memorable Teaching (and Lean Lesson Planning) a book we gifted our teachers last Christmas. I doubt you’ll find an education book with more useful insights per minute of reading time. Dylan Wiliam Now with Institute…
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21 Aug ’18 0

The Science of Learning Week 5

The final segment of an enjoyable learning experience. The first and important point, teaching children about brain plasticity, can change students self concept, their ideas of who they are. It can change the way they think about their ability not as something that’s fixed, but as something that they themselves can develop. This can help students…
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30 May ’18 0

The Science of Learning Week 4

Consolidation of learning this week. First up, a discussion of long term retrieval. Working memory networks activated…”check.” Students engaged… “check.” Learning is happening, however, as we have learnt, our working memory networks are limited and the information held here is easily lost. How do we promote consolidation… this is particularly important for those teaching to…
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27 May ’18 0

The Science of Learning Week 3

I am trying very hard to keep pace. I am not sure 9pm is the best time to start studying? Week 3 is all about building of knowledge and understanding. We know that anxiety prevents our frontal cortex from being able to fully respond to a classroom learning opportunity. While on the other hand, anticipation of…
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26 May ’18 0

The Science of Learning Week 2

So we are onto Week 2 of this FutureLearn course. Week 2: Engagement for learning Before we start this weeks tasks, I want to propose that students can be engaged in the task or activity, that does not ensure that they are learning (what is intended, or relevant). 2.1 Engagement for Learning New learning so…
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