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Do teachers know thy impact

Yesterday I wrote about aspiring senior leaders knowing / finding out about their impact, it stems from my coaching relationship with three such aspiring leaders (Job applications – who are you?). In turn, I have been considering thy impact as coach? I then re-read Chris Moyse’s very promising Growing great teachers post and policy documents,…
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16 Mar ’19 2

Building the infrastructure

What has been my experience of a VP role? More importantly, where can I define my impact? Honestly, with the immediate introduction of a new MIS and new timetable, a heavy teaching load, a broad breath of leadership responsibility, I barely had time to consider impact until my colleague was appointed in May. With the…
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14 Nov ’13 0

Stars and bars – ALT impact

This afternoon I received an email about the ‘practicalities and cost’ of the ATL ‘stars and bars’ reward system. If I am honest, the main expense is staff time. Every cycle our staff enter 2000+ grades, that is a significant staff investment for these grades to merely appear on a report card and ‘possibly’ be discussed with key staff…
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25 Nov ’12 0