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Yet more evidence for Retrieval Practice

Does retrieval practice improve student learning in school and classroom settings? Based on our literature review, our response for researchers and educators is an unequivocal β€œyes.” Agarwal et al., (2021) More meta evidence for Retrieval Practice. A second meta analysis in a week. Critically, Agarwal et al., (2021) compared classroom studies only. After screening 2000…
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17 Mar ’21 0

RRRR retrieval routines

Twelve years investment in reading and applying the Cognitive Science principles behind retrieval practice and the “testing effect,” led to a further 12 months of development into RememberMore with my students. 2 lock downs and 12 month road-testing later with RememberMore – we have refined and twinned that routine. Unmistakably Kate Jones’s work @KateJones_teach, Retrieve…
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15 Mar ’21 2