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Examiner advice

This morning I asked an AQA examiner two simple questions. @KristianStill: @elliejcox as an AQA marker – best tweet tip? And most common writing pitfall to avoid? Thanks? Ellie duly replied. @elliejcox: @KristianStill Answer the question and use key words from the question in your answer! Good luck. @elliejcox: @KristianStill show you enjoy and understand…
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29 May ’12 0

Pivot Tables

12 months ago I was shown pivot tables in Excel 2007. I was very impressed but I think I only had one real purpose to use them, when analysing ICT OCR National results. In all honesty, with just 4 grades (D, M, P, Working Towards WT), a fantastic ‘shared’ grades database written by a colleague,…
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16 Jan ’11 0

Then they go into the exam room…

Today students at Hamble College are sitting preliminary Maths exams, in the old-fashioned pen and paper way. Back in May I read about Norwegian 16-19 year-olds trying out the laptop-based exams systems and yesterday I read about Danish students being given access to the internet during exams. Minister for education in Denmark, Bertel Haarder, says:  “Our exams have to…
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5 Nov ’09 0