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Mushrooms the measurement

It has been a challenging week for Y8z5. A new unit, Area, perimeter and measures, some difficult tasks and despite the uphill battle, the class are growing in confidence, even if the successes have been far and few between. We are undeterred, we revisit our RESPECT agenda every day to remind us of what is most important. What…
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18 Oct ’15 0

Exam Feedback Tool 12 months on

Has education, education, education, been bullied by the call for evidence, evidence, evidence. Possibly. However, I am keen to be a part of an evidence based profession. Take the relatively simple, but brilliantly so, Exam Feedback Tool designed by Peter Atherton, an interest in Question Level Analysis, a fantastic Scientist and talented coding mathematician, you are…
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15 Oct ’15 3

Quick Key – Assessment in September

With our Key Stage 3 Assessment Outcomes reverse engineered from Key Stage 4 Assess Outcomes we have gone onto designing our long-term plans or progression grids for “Assessment Without Levels.” A number of our Curriculum and Subject Leaders are now focusing their efforts on outlining their assessment protocol. Now, the early and innovative work of a handful of teachers within the…
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11 May ’15 0

Knowing that you don’t know something

Each exam boards provides a variety of exams analysis tools that help teachers identify the questions / topics / skills in which students excelled/fell short in.  These tools also provide valuable comparative information on the performance of your students / classes / cohorts on individual questions when compared to AQA/Edexcel/OCR/WJEC national averages. Unfortunately, much like an autopsy, this information is of little benefit to…
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12 Oct ’14 0