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Why Successive Relearning? Corrective Feedback with CRM (Part 3)

In part 2 we discussed the importance of classroom climate. That conversation moved to discussing “Corrective Feedback” with CRM as Ben Windsor @MrClassics3 moved to extend the deck, extend the breadth of knowledge he used CRM to deliver, and that he expected his learners to learn, know and remember. This conversation moved to discuss “How…
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6 Apr ’21 0
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RememberMore for remote learning

This is a post I have wanted to write / share for a few week however the run into half term has been hard going… however over the past few days I have received a handful of positive endorsements, messages offers of support and welling contributions for RememberMore which has lifted my spirits. Thank you…
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13 Feb ’21 0
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Reduce remote learning workload with SLOP

Coined by the formation of CogSciSci, a group of teachers and academics interested in the applications of Cognitive Science in education, SLOP stands for ‘Shed Loads of Practice’. In our current setting, I am sure teachers are weighing up the benefits of teaching new content and re-teaching content AND teaching new content and checking for understanding,…
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30 Jan ’21 0