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Difference and change

“Each one of us can make a difference. Together we make change.” – Barbara Mikulski

27 Aug ’13 0

The boy who harnessed the wind, again

Back in Sept 09 I wrote about a fantastic learning,engineering and personal endeavour achievement. The story of  William Kamkwamba. I know his story had a profound impact on a wide and diverse community of educators, politicians, engineers, ecologists, agriculturists and more. So much so, I just read that last night at SXSW, William and the Windmill…
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13 Mar ’13 0

Individual Quotables

I have had a fair few requests for individual images from the main / door posters – here there are. Help yourself.

12 Dec ’12 0

Door posters

Following on from the 4 x 3 ‘Visual inspiration’ poster courtesy of Lifehacker, here are three door posters for you. Again scaled version are displayed here with links to the high resolution images (5000 x 3500). Image 1   Image 2   Image 3   Help yourself, share, RT and go visit Lifehacker.

11 Dec ’12 0

Visual inspiration

Reading in through my Google Reader, the concept of ‘marginal gains’ has cropped up a few times lately, and quite rightly so. We know that success is not all ‘big boulder’ stuff. So here is another small marginal gain suitable for any classroom or office door, courtesy of Adam Dachis, Senior Writer and Art Director at and…
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11 Dec ’12 0

Inspirational and accurate content streams delivered to their inbox

When educators share their enthusiasm for RSS they usually start with an explanation of what it is, I probably did the first time shouted about RSS for learning. The truth is, most teachers (and students) don’t care; they just want more effective and more reliable ways to expose their students to inspirational and accurate content streams. What if you…
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31 Oct ’12 0