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Dan Willingham Salt and Pepper questions

My continued exploration of Metacognition led to “In conversation with Professor Paul Kirchner” and then Dan Willingham’s “How to help students ‘know’ they know.” The two crossovers to RememberMore – Overlearning – check. Then question formats, learning A to B and back again with B to A. Overlearning The more I teacher with RememberMore, the…
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23 May ’21 0
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Seeking partnership

RememberMore is an agile, three part, integrated and adaptive Spaced Retrieval Practice learning system that uses cognitive science principles to accelerate the learners’ time to competency and knowledge mastery, and help learners retain that knowledge for longer. We are looking to partner with a school or trust – looking to improve student outcomes whilst at…
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15 Nov ’20 0

Classroom RM – Story Like the Wind

Hats-off to all those school leaders that have ensured that schools open and operate as effectively as foreseeably possible. Hats-off to all those returning teachers adjusting to the new normal. Hats-off to the students who have played their part. If social media was anything to go by, many teachers had invested a great deal into…
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6 Sep ’20 0

4 weeks dark

Four weeks dark – most likely the longest blog break I have taken in thirteen the years I have been putting down my thoughts on paper. Two significant tasks took priority, renovating our home on a very tight budget whilst looking after three children and readying RememberMore for the start of term (for me and…
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6 Sep ’20 0