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Trefoil 02.02.20

What is worth sharing this week? Assessment Assessment has been a focus this week. Making assessments accessible Variability between assessments In order to mark assessments accessible to students I have support create two tiers of assessment. In the second tier or ++ tier I have experimented with fill-in the blank introduction paragraphs, writing frames and…
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2 Feb ’20 0

I was wrong about ‘teaching to the top’

It would seem that I have been wrong about a few things lately. Encouraging decent is so important within schools, as it is with any organisation. If staff do not feel psychologically safe, few will speak up, even fewer will speak out. Encouraged descent, is yet another organisational management theme connected to trust. Leaders don’t…
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5 Feb ’19 2

Taught, caught, shaped and moulded.

A 3 minute video from Daniel Wright (Deputy Head and Teaching Fellow) via the FutureLearn course left plenty to question and discuss. So let’s take this one comment at a time. How do we go about designing and delivering a taught course in character education? There are three broad elements to this. Firstly, we need to…
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28 Feb ’16 0

When a measure becomes a target

5A*-C or Progress 8? Just a remind to myself, When a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure. – Goodhart’s law Though Progress 8 may be a broader measure of achievement, it is still a measure. As Goodhart also contributed, Any observed statistical regularity will tend to collapse once pressure is placed…
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11 Jan ’16 0

Learning beyond the curriculum

A clash of ideas – a prefabbed badging Diploma recognising the wider / extra curricular learning experiences of pupils at The Wellington Academy. A leadership request to developed the RESPECT values agenda. A student leadership created values construct that we needed to promote and get behind. A copy of Dr Neil Hawkes books in my conference…
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6 Jan ’16 0

Assurance of exams

I am not rushing to the defence of the exam boards, the perennial “results day” articles* rarely fail to direct some meagre attack or critique towards them. This year, the exam boards have put forward their own infomercials,  here and here, to reassurance their various audiences. Furthermore, this year the spectre of yet more reform looms as Nick Gibb’s criticisms echo down the…
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16 Aug ’15 0