Listen in – insights for beyond the echo chamber


Listen in – insights for beyond the echo chamber

1 Mar ’21 Teaching 0

Get outside your echo chamber.

Gayle Allen’s podcast “Curious Minds at Work” has long been my in-pipe for non-education, organisational development thinking. 182 episodes.

Yesterday (whilst shopping for a post-lockdown suit) I listened to Dan Cable – On Unlocking Your Potential – and I have set myself the challenge of creating a personal-highlight-reel for one or two very special edu-friends.

Then yesterday I stumbled upon a short piece to camera from Greg Jackson – CEO of Octopus Energy.

Hints of Dee Hock and Visa. That led to “Inside Octopus.”

As we move to a position where educators and learners are going to be given the chance to use RememberMore “in anger,” it is worth listening to and learning from a leading founder-led-business leader.

I wonder if RememberMore can help Octopus Energy’s north star shine even brighter? RememberMore… ________________?


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