Traction for Retrieval Practice and Successive Relearning


Traction for Retrieval Practice and Successive Relearning

15 Feb ’21 Teaching 0
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28 Jan 2011 I bookmarked three links on retrieval practice. Part of a Purdue University press release on the work of Jeff Karpicke.

I distinctly remember a 50% improvement in long-term memory for retrieval over concept maps. A consolidation activity mode all the more collaborative with “Web 2.0” sharing capabilities. It was ten years ago. That March, an online Science of Learning Course before, nearly a year later, I applied that learning in the classroom.

Which made me wonder… Given Karpicke’s press release was 2011, what has been the adopt and growing interest in Retrieval Practice and Successive Relearning?

There is significant and consistent evidence for retrieval practice or the testing effect.

“Retrieval practice consistently benefits Learner learning.”

Agarwal, et al, (2020).

“Practicing retrieval one time doubled long-term retention, and repeated retrieval produced a 400% improvement in retention relative to studying once.”

Karpicke and Roediger (2010).

More importantly from my perspective and my professional interests, support for Successive Relearning (Retrieval Practice and Spacing) has yet to develop comparable traction.


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