Google Classroom – Mr Rogers Rocks


Google Classroom – Mr Rogers Rocks

23 May ’20 Digital Learning 0

I can not take credit for coming up with the idea of animated Google Classroom banner or #GIF (animate image file). #Hattip to Amit @labnol, creator of Talltweets and blogger at Digital Inspiration.

Right, “animated Google Classroom Header.” There are more than a few tutorials, including Amit’s, so here is a super lite-weight tutorial and one optional request.

Click and “Make a copy” of the Google Slides template. Create the individual slides that will become your animation (think stop-frame). Slide:Edit Master:Change the background… add a sprinkle of creativity.

Head over to Talltweets

Browse your Google Drive, select the slideshow you wish to animate.

Three settings: Width (in pixels), slide duration (in seconds) and the “sequence of slides” (comma separated). Remember you can add the same slide more than once, repeat slides to create a flashing pattern, as I did. All for FREE (even though vendors are selling these headers), all in less than 5 minutes.

The head over to your Google Classroom. On the banner click “upload photo.” Done.

The request. When you done and you are pleased with your banne. Gift a #GIF. Create a banner and share it with a Google Classroom teacher.

If you are feeling inspired – visit Amit’s blog. I’m just a magpie – he is the inspiration.


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