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Tick tick tick

14 Feb ’14 Teaching 0

Google has all kinds of clever search commands that save you time and I am often surprised that our staff and students do not know about them; weather forecasts, time zones, definitions, sports results, calculations, drive times, file types.

Honing your “Google fu” is a CPD session that I should run, but have not run yet. And last week one of my favourite Google tips returned. Google timer.

You can set a quick timer by typing, “set timer X minutes” into Google search. Once you hit enter, the timer will count down and then sound off when the time expires with an obnoxious, never ending 1990s alarm tone. If a countdown doesn’t do it for you, then you can also use the command, “set timer for X time.” It’s a pretty simple, but effective way to create an alarm with ease.


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