How Best Schools Beat the Odds


How Best Schools Beat the Odds

24 Feb ’09 Reflections 0

This BBC article sums up what good schools are all about. For sure there is no magic recipe and many questions left unanswered by the OFSTED report but the chief characteristics of the schools’ success are what you would expect, arent they?

  • They excel at what they do for a high proportion of the time
  • They prove constantly that disadvantage or not speaking English at home need not be a barrier to achievement
  • They put students first, invest in their staff and nurture their communities
  • They have strong values and high expectations that are applied consistently and never relaxed
  • They provide outstanding teaching, rich opportunities for learning and encouragement and support for each student
  • They are highly inclusive
  • Their achievements happen by highly reflective, carefully planned and implemented strategies
  • They operate with a very high degree of internal consistency
  • They are constantly looking for ways to improve further
  • They have outstanding and well-distributed leadership.

So effective IT and technology doesnt feature in this list? Maybe I over estimate the impact of technology on effective school management and leadership.

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