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Exit ticket trial

Today, we ran a mini trial of Exit Ticket (ET). A catalytic hot bed of learner activity and more importantly instant feedback. Feedback to the students and to the teacher. Connect with the learning in your classroom, instantly. – that is my cheesy kicker, not their polished branding. Setting up an account was straight forward,…
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7 Feb ’14 0

The catalytics are coming

Back in October 2012 I show cased three catalytics, real time response systems, that were front and centre. This time let me share with you ExitTicket. It is a little more sophisticated than the earlier catalytic systems and of course relies on wifi, the availability of wifi connected devices and of course staff confidence. Of…
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6 Feb ’14 0

Question rations

Hi Krisitan, I am currently putting something together about questioning in the classroom for all staff…. the other day in the library, I saw you use a technique where they were only allowed to ask 2 questions all lesson. Would you be able to sum it up in a few words about how to use…
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18 Dec ’12 2

Leadership Questioning

I have read a great deal of the practice of questioning as a teacher. Watched and learnt alot from Ted Wragg Teachers TV videos and Dylan Williams on  The Classroom Experiment, trialled the pose, pause, pounce and now bounce method, the ‘magic pocket name’ technique, randomisers on Triptico and iphone apps, hinge questions, multi answer, questions you can answer,…
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5 Jul ’12 0

Disguised opportunities

Last summer I interviewed for an aspirational post at Wellington College, I was not successful and came away disappointed and bouyed by the feedback. As a result of the experience I added two new blogs to my RSS reader and two new follows to my Twitter account. The blogs and Twitter accounts of experienced, thought…
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9 Mar ’12 1

Grade Less. Assess More.

If you are in education and you have not yet seen, watched, heard or read any of Prof Dylan Williams work then get over to the SSAT National Conference website and watch his keynote. Following the conference my RSS feed for ‘Great quotes about Learning and Change’ dished up   So I sent the link…
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3 Dec ’10 2