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Meet Snip

Meet Snipping tools big brother Snip (a pretty slick BETA release). I am a daily user of the Snipping Tool, the scissors lasso thing for quick rectangular (and free-form snips which I have never used), window and full screen captures or snips with handy after-snip highlighter and draw tools. Capture a section / scrub a bit of highlighter on to show what…
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28 Aug ’15 0

BETT Show Day #1

Here we are at the start of day 2 reflecting on day 1. The Learn Live theatre was packed for BYOD, rammed for David Roger’s @davidErogers guerrilla geography and smiling warmly as Charlotte Beckhurst demonstrated how her Y1 primary class had ‘taken to Windows 8 likes ducks to water.’ Her young students inquisitive minds searched for…
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31 Jan ’13 0

Microsoft ‘More than your OS’

Two summers ago I was fortunate enough to attend the Microsoft teacher summer camp, I fondly recall just how positive everybody was and the breadth of education profession that was represented; primary, secondary, special, a full complement of subjects and experience, teachers, Heads of Department, Year Heads, Assistant heads and of course Stuart and Kirsten…
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6 Nov ’11 0

Register today for one of our Fun, Free days at Microsoft

from Microsoft UK Schools blog: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/ukschools/archive/2011/06/01/register-today-for-one-of-our-fun-free-days-at-microsoft.aspx A very learning led showcase highlighting free software. Perhaps more educator than technician focused.

4 Jun ’11 0

Kodu Kabooom

With Prof Sugata Mitra’s keynote comment and often tweet quote gently ringing in my ears… a teacher that can be replaced by a machine should be. …I took a slightly less traditional approach to investigating the curriculum value / potential of Microsoft’s Kodu game design platform. Here is how we are making the judgement….. Take…
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28 Apr ’11 14

OfficeTalk a Step Closer

OfficeTalk was first demonstrated last year as part of Office Labs and getting any feedback from Microsoft has been impossible. I posted my hopes  for this tool back in August. Now we might be getting a step closer. Office Labs Program Manager Quinn Hawkins has been quoted saying that OfficeTalk has passed the "funded incubation…
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23 Jan ’11 0