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How do we get There

How do we get “There…” If we don’t know where it is? And we haven’t yet agreed on what ‘there ‘looks like? (We, being me, the Head of English and the department). Very soon into accepting my new role at Hamble College, I set out to try and resolve these two important questions. Back in…
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8 Oct ’10 0

Wish your Were Here

Finally, I get the time to listen to the K12-online presentations. Today ‘Using computer games as a context for learning and social interaction.’ What consistently impresses me most about Ollie Bray is how he is so successful at showcasing good teaching and learning first and foremost, technology integration second, without devaluing either. IMHO he is a ‘teachnology’ master.…
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15 Feb ’10 0

There is a (English) Lesson in Here Somewhere.

Text substitution app Texter is a very neat tool that auto completes abbreviations with commonly used phrases you define. For example K(spacebar) autocompletes my signature Kristian Still (MsEd) and HC(space) Hamble Community Sports College, now thats very useful. Unlike software-specific text replacement features, Texter runs in the Windows system tray and works in any application…
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10 Jan ’10 0

Poet Laureate

‘I think poetry should be controversial. It should be challenging, and make you see the world differently.’ (Carol Anne Duffy) Two things struck me about the media coverage of Carol Anne Duffy appointment as the new Poet Laureate. First was the greater focus on her gender than her poetry and second, rather more favorably, her…
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2 May ’09 0