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When to Abandon Lessons Plans

The 7a to Hillsborough The first lesson of a new scheme of work. A shiny new Year 7 Scheme of Work and  new topic, Narrative Poetry. We had organised a few students transfers and it was on with the work. Incidentally, as a result of the transfers, (2 girls moving up to 7a2, with 1…
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9 Jan ’11 0

Writing Creatively

There is a lesson in there somewhere or #TILTS was a tag I used quite a lot last year when trying to create and conceive small units of work around interactive media or ICT tools. Animoto, the fantastic webware tool that automatically turns your photos and videos into "beautifully orchestrated, completely unique video pieces," yet…
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3 Nov ’10 0

Get ’em Writing in Under 60s with OneWord

Oneword is a quick fire web tool is quick, simple and self-explanatory. You will see one word at the top of the screen and a timing running at the bottom. Click ‘Go’ and you have sixty seconds to write about it. See, I told you it was simple.   After the sixty seconds you can…
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1 Nov ’10 0

Very Useful Youtube Shortcut

I am not going to take credit for this, but I did read about it on two different tech sites this week and I have tested it out. Apparently there are secret not so secret keyboard shortcuts you can use while watching YouTube videos to make it skip forwards or back. It’s based on percentages,…
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28 Oct ’10 0

Text Adventures (Interactive Fiction)

Now that I have spent nearly a full half term with the English Department I am beginning to think more like an English teacher, of course influenced by my enthusiasm for teachnology. Still overwhelmed with lesson preparation and tooth ache, I wish I was joking, I reluctantly bookmarked textadventures and planned to review the site…
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10 Oct ’10 0

Where is ‘There.’

At the entrance to the school reception was a bold red background upon which the schools name was proudly presented. We had arrived at Redbridge Community School. We were met by the Headteacher, Lindy Barclay, and joined in her office by Richard Scofield for an informal welcome. Dan O’Farrell and I where given the opportunity…
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8 Oct ’10 0