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Spencer Kelly gave the opening keynote presentation at the Eastleigh Consortium staff CPD day, a courtesy to his former teacher  Chris Cheetham. Accepting he a professional presenter, and a  computer science graduate, it was the underlying theme to his keynote that struck a chord with me. Make IT sexy. Billionaire sexy, Mark Zuckerman, Larry Page…
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28 Mar ’09 0

Forgotten Gems

‘You can only improve your teaching by changing it.’ CPD in a can. That is how I referenced Geoff Petty’s website the  teacherstoolbox. This is the first place I came across Hattie, across PAR and someone with an endearing passion for learning and research in equal amounts. Geoff makes the impact of the teacher on…
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16 Mar ’09 2

SSAT Strategies for Developing PL & New Technologies

Looking forward to tomorrows CPD. I am not 100% sure what to expect but I am looking forward to the day and will post my reflections afterwards….. So here they are…. John Davitt was both informative and thought provoking with a nuber of useful tools. Two that struck me a very useful was an updated…
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24 Feb ’09 0