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Day #3 LftM

Leading from the Middle Day 3 Each day has started with a review of the impact of Day 2 Learning and the period in between the day 2 and 3. Carole recorded the ‘Key Learning and Changed Behaviours,’ and the impact of the Team Health Check. The focus then changed to evaluate the Leadership Focus.…
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23 May ’10 0

LFtm Development Day

9:30am Our first Leading from the Middle Development Day. Another welcoming start to the day, if a little tight for space. The opening discussions on protocols led to a sharing of our perspectives for the course, with and between delegates. Not an atypical start to a course however my frustrations was that a significant amount of time…
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15 Dec ’09 0

SSAT Conference Day 1

It’s day one of the SSAT conference. The 3000 delegates. Impressive venue and the first two speakers set an enquiring tone. Sir Dexter Hutt, only introduced the conference but I felt that there was more I could gleaned from his approach to leadership and his experiences. IMHO it was a shame he was only introducing…
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26 Nov ’08 0