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iPhone Icon

I am sure that the students enthusiasm for all thinks ‘i’ extend to the use of iPhone icons. Given the chance, I am sure students would love to use Apple icons in their Unit 4, Multimedia Products. Now they can. Over at the iPhone Icon Generator students can tweak your images / logos and give them a…
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4 Aug ’10 0

Lipdub Completed

It took us just over an hour to video 3 full length ‘takes’ and then a further hour or so to convert the files, edit the titles, add the soundtrack before uploading to Youtube. The students were amazingly patient as we waited for the Sports Centre customers and PE classes to clear the ‘set.’ Complimenting the students,…
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23 Jul ’10 0


E-Learning Proverb – The bait must suit the fish, not the angler. It was a RT (re-tweet) that passed through my Twitter feed over the weekend that struck a cord. Thinking over the Moodle teachmeet presenations and looking through my moodle courses, I wondered if I had in fact structured and designed courses that would appeal…
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12 Jul ’10 6

Search Stories Video Creator

Google recently launched a new feature called the Search Stories Video Creator. This new feature prompts you to input up to seven search queries from acroos Google’s search features (including Images, Maps, and of cause web search), throw on a song and it generates a video in the same style as Google’s other Search Stories. The whole…
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9 Jul ’10 0


A very simple, fun no-frills password checker. Think Yr 7 – think how to login and the importance of simple safe passwords. Just a thought, don’t test your actual password! Get your students to test fake passwords and ask them which changes had the most effect on their password security.

1 Jul ’10 0

Google Moderator

I really like the concept of Google Moderator but have yet to use it in one of my lessons….. but I do think there is real potential. Today I read that following President Obama address about the recent oil spill, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs answered questions submitted via Google Moderator. To date 15,836 people have submitted 7,468…
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1 Jul ’10 0