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IF, Gathering Steam

This week I have spent most of my free-time in the evenings reading Aaron Reed’s ‘Creating Interactive Fiction with INFORM7.’ You only have to review Aaron’s online profile and contribution to INFORM6/7 to know that he had a real passion for his craft as well as looking beyond interaction fiction, “developing new forms of participatory…
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16 Jul ’11 0

Google Body Browser

Exploring the knee will never be the same for A Level, BTEC or GCSE PE or Science. No more painful two dimensional diagrams. In fact, Science and PE Departments will be pressuring their IT departments to install Chrome on their workstations with the release of Googles 3D Body Browser. The last time I recommended a…
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17 Dec ’10 2

Curriculum Efficiencies

Step 1 Take a teacher with a passion for ICT add it to a teacher with a passion for English. Leave them to discuss the curriculum for 30 minutes to identify common areas and then ask them to be ‘creative.’ Explore an intersection, an overlap, a commonality. Who knows, you might find you teach the…
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3 Dec ’10 0

Moodle Assignments and Online Marking

For the record, I am an online teaching and learning advocate. I don’t wish to mislead you. So, this Friday afternoon, as I left for home, I witnessed a colleague leaving school struggling with a large, plastic box, overflowing with yellow exercise books. I left for the weekend, fleet of foot, bag over my shoulder,…
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25 Sep ’10 0

Learning, Unlearning, and Relearning

Just another reason why the skill of learning, unlearning, and relearning is so important in this fast pace digital world. Jeff Utecht We need to rethink how we teach search skills to kids We need to reteach search skills to kids We need to teach kids to search Know the answer? Google Instant Search. Or…
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9 Sep ’10 0

School ICT lessons a ‘turn-off’

We are now watching the enthusiasm of the next generation waste away through poorly conceived courses and syllabuses. Professor Steve Furber Royal Society The article highlighted Steve Furbers quote and as a former ICT teacher, I am not going to disagree completely, ICT for Business as a core unit is often met by our students with…
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5 Aug ’10 0