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Its only Tuesday and…

The snow plough is already being revved up. I have already noted three key roles for my position this term; 1. Complete a Self Review Framework 2. Discipline Policy 3. Yr 11 Emergency Policy The first proposal is one being presented tomorrow, this itself will add to the work load. After I the document is…
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26 Feb ’08 0

Coming up for Air

I didn’t blog or reflect this weekend, I needed to come up for air. I also wanted to spend some quality time with my wife, we deserved it, and she deserved it more than anyone. The Last Week of Term I was not very impressed with my achievements this week, perhaps too much to manage…
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22 Feb ’08 0

Looking up a Mountain

Now in my third week, I have noticed that my mistakes or poor judgments appear more prominent in my reflections than the successes. Is this an issue of my personality or is it typical for middle leaders? Two major points, one a memo that I failed to followup for a SLT meeting and the second…
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26 Jan ’08 0

Network and Nodes

Tom Barrett asked for comments on his blog, in preparation for the SLICT meeting being held at his school, so I responded. Tom is a good friend and has shown that there is more to PLN (Personal Learning Networks) than networking. #1 Having recently accepted an edtech post just 12 days ago, I am hardly…
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20 Jan ’08 0


Thursday / FridayI still need to set a routine for the start of my working day, to include; Staffroom – pigeon hole / cover Check email Set the learning environment. Still no laptop and therefore can not work in my office, distracted by supporting students. Variable teaching environments observed. More student consultations, I anticipate two…
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12 Jan ’08 0