#TLAB13 Keynote


#TLAB13 Keynote

16 Mar ’13 Leadership Teaching 0

20130316-083720.jpgAfter a warm welcome and very pleasant evening with the veritable Dr Nick Dennis at Berkenstand School – @zoeross19 and we have both decided we need a very strong coffee to kick start, what is hoping to be, a fantastic day of teaching, learning, assessment, and networking at #TLAB13.

After two of the busiest days of my professional career (our Principal and senior colleagues absent from school Thursday and Friday) I am here amongst online and real friends. Amongst driven and passionate colleagues, too many to

First up, Alistair Smith.

An audience on a saturday is very different from on an audience in the week.

Take back control of the language of learning from inspectors.

Alistair is taking us through the behaviour of experts, that and how to be an expert conference delegate. The good news, as delegates photo the big display, the slides will be able on the conference site. If you lead teaching and learning, there is definitely a blue print you can adopt and adapt.

Under pressure, people don’t perform the way they hope. They default to the way they prepare.

Systems for storage and retrieval of key information would appear to be difference in the experts than in novices.

Core Purpose. Clarity. Coherence. Consistency. Community.

A “dangerous Deputy” – I fancy having a go at this.

Plan. Deliver. Evaluate. Innovate to improve.

Not bad advice, food for thought, at all.

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