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Communication – intent, delivery and language

We all have areas for professional improvement. I have been refining how / what I view communication to be, conversations in particular, and how we / I communicate at school for the past year as a developmental opportunity taken from my “Moving at the Speed of Trust” . Firstly, communication has become a very conscious…
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26 Oct ’18 0

Has your communication landed?

As I continue to explore Complexity Theory and “trust” in school and school leadership, I have elevated the importance of communication within leadership outlook. In the past 12 months that has meant acting upon Kevin Flinn’s seminar and Patricia Shaw’s advice… Leadership – the art of convening conversations that might not otherwise have happened. – Patricia…
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12 Aug ’18 0

More than Just a VLE

Today I read that Leeds College #Moodle went pink today in support of Breast Awareness. It was a fantastically simple idea that communicated to the whole student body their institutions support for this worthy cause. So I emailed our amazingly accommodating E-Resources Manager and ask him, how much time or effort would it take to…
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4 Nov ’10 0

Office Talk

Microsoft Labs posted an interesting article / update on OfficeTalk testing today (testing for quite some time if you take into account the first official posts were in March 2010). ‘Microsoft’s Twitter for businesses‘ application. The most notable statistic highlighting that 83%of OfficeTalk’s regular users found interesting information they wouldn’t have found otherwise and that 72%agreed…
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19 Aug ’10 0

Connected Network Managers

I have been very lucky to have been able to call upon some very resourceful Network Managers, in a range of school setting, to bounce ideas off. When our new ‘Moodle’ guy joined us, he brought all the goodness from his previous post and a cross polinations occurred. From my limited IT secondary experience support…
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8 Jun ’09 0

What Interest Students

Friday afternoon, two talented, socialable and engaging male students choose to disengage from class. It would be easy to excuse their behaviour as “last lesson of the weekitis” or to attribute their behavious to the slightly dull topic of databases or to blame the situation that they are “boys.” However I am in the business of finding solutions, of working with young people,…
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29 Mar ’08 0