New for 2017

Two terms A year into the role of Headteacher, I have learnt more than I had expected. It is a real privilege to have responsibility for a school, it’s staff and students (equal first). I write to help me think and to keep a record. I help think through and reflect back on the relative successes of my decisions.

As for the background murmuration image. Leadership theory and practice continues to fascinate me, none more so than Complexity or Complex Adaptive Theory. In its most simple form, complex adaptive systems is a way of thinking about and analysing things by recognising complexity, patterns and interrelationships rather than focusing on cause and effect. For that, I hold Kev Bartle (@kevbartle) wholeheartedly accountable following his recommendation of Birth Chaordic Age Dee Hock.

Lead yourself, lead your superiors, lead your peers, employ good people, and free them to do the same. All else is trivia. – Dee Hock

This interest has led to an invitation to ‘Encountering Complexity in School Leadership – with Canons Park TSA and University of Hertfordshire Business School. A programme that explores the complexity of human interaction within an education. Travelling up to Harrrow to meet with the other delegates exploring the use of narrative approaches to personal development has become a real highlight and priviledge.


Continuing into 2017 is my interest in a “Cultures of Thinking,” to compliement our pedagogy. This will be my leadership project for at least the next 8-12 months as we move to rapidily adopt our organisations educational philosophy and pedagogy.