New for 2018-19


Writing helps me consolidate what I am thinking about.

Academic achievement improved, pastoral benchmarks improved, stakeholder survey responses at their highest point in the schools history. What new for 2018-19.

At school, a refined School Improvement Plan, even further leadership distribution. A new Deputy Head Teacher role, leading the Assistant Head Teachers – I am one step further removed and I will have to learn how to manage through a distributed model.

I am interested to see how moving to collaborative self-accountability through Smartsheets reduced our workload.

We have streamline operations:

  • We are attending to staff feedback and addressing the short-fall of Performance Reviews – moving to a bi-weekly line professional dialogue meetings. One-to-one listening meetings.
  • We are introducing LEAN meetings. Fast tracked, distributed, daily operational meetings.
  • We have launched SIMs to Parent – developing it further.

We are moving towards great personalised tutoring.

  • We have introduced a refined model of Academic Mentoring meetings and connecting to┬áNWEA MapGrowth.
  • Working extra hard to promote our personal learning skills programme.

I am working with the Education Support Partnership.

I have embarked on a new relationship and have a professional leadership coach.

Southern Rocks is back – bigger, better and brighter for 2019. We are paperless. We are 47 sessions strong. Why? Because

October 2018 updated

Attainment at Key Stage 2 has improved, remains well above national average and above the Trust average. Attainment and progress at Key Stage 4 has improved (Progress 8 score 0.48), is above national average and Trust average (Progress 8 score 0.25). Key Stage 5 remains at the national and Trust average.


Most recently, I have been investing my time in securing the Level 5 Coaching and Mentoring accreditation with the Institute of Leadership and Management, reviewing professional learning modules around Instructional Coaching with Dr Sean Warren and ONVULearning, and planning Southern Rocks 2019. Now at 330 delegates.


It was heart breaking to cancel / postpone Southern Rocks after all that effort, form so many.

Coaching is fascinating. I am now coaching 7 clients. Every conversation is unique. Coaching will broaden my leadership abilities and has, without questions, encouraged me to be more self-aware.


I looked back. I assessed the lay of the land and decided to go in search of ‘what might be.’

I am writing this from a great little apartment in Dubai, with a balcony overlooking the city. I am here ahead of my family who join me in August and I start work at Deira International School tomorrow. What ought to be will have to wait for now.