New for 2018


Writing helps me understand what I am thinking about.

Academic achievement improved, pastoral benchmarks improved, stakeholder survey responses as their highest point in the schools history. What new for 2018.

At school, a refined School Improvement Plan, even further distribution. A new Deputy Head Teacher role, leading the Assistant Head Teachers – I am one step further removed and I need to learn how to manage the DHT, managing the AHT. We are moving to collaborative self-accountability through Smartsheets.

We have streamline operations:

  • We are attending to staff feedback and addressing the short-fall of Performance Reviews – moving to a bi-weekly line professional dialogue meetings. One-to-one listening meetings.
  • We are introducing LEAN meetings. Fast tracked operational meetings.
  • We have launched SIMs to Parent – developing it further.

We are moving towards great personalised tutoring.

  • We have introduced a refined model of Academic Mentoring meetings and connecting to NWEA MapGrowth.
  • Working extra hard to promote our personal learning skills programme.

I am working with the Education Support Partnership.

I have embarked on a new relationship and have a professional leadership coach.

Southern Rocks is back – bigger, better and brighter for 2019. We are paperless. We are 50 sessions strong. Why? Because