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Its a Book

I do not often post simple resources but in this instance, its worth while. ‘It’s a Book’ is simply brilliant. Book-loving ape (teacher) and a tech-savvy donkey (student) demonstrate just how different teachers and students can be, yet given the chance to understand one another, how alike.   CPD Video? Perhaps a neat CPD introduction…
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8 Sep ’10 0

Who? What? Why? When?

Who? The ALT are ‘a professional and scholarly association which seeks to bring together all those with an interest in the use of learning technology.’ So that’s me, you (you are reading this post after all) and the colleagues we engage with. Seb Schmoller: A technology colleague whom I respect. One of the first professional…
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2 Sep ’10 0

Should teachers tweet? Social media and education.

The SSATs opening question (above) was then expanded to include a review of the use of social media technologies In the classroom For school management and parental engagement For professional development We were advised to write ‘a number of concise paragraphs, perhaps one on each use of social media mentioned above??’ Which, in writing this…
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1 Sep ’10 0

@SSAT – Should teachers tweet? Social media and education

Last week @SSAT put out a call for opinions, contributions to ‘Should teachers tweet? Social media and education.’ With the help of Maureen Bowes (of People Intelligence) I had already started to organise my thoughts about Twitter in a post title ‘5th Gear – Twitter for School Leaders.’ With Maureen’s input it documents the process…
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31 Aug ’10 0


‘I just  don’t get it?! Why would you want to… tweet! Look, I will give it a go for a few days and I will see how I get on. No promises mind. I am no internet champion you know and I don’t want to make a fool of myself in front of everyone. If…
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18 Aug ’10 0

Adding Struggle to Learning

I am very proud of myself this morning. After 6 days of perservence, forum reading and trial and error learning, I finally managed to get a new experimental Delicious  (online bookmarking) feature to work – blog posting. Basically information stored in your Delicious account is auto-posted to your blog at a set time. Only I don’t think that…
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