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#1 5 Minutes Meals for ICT

Topic or Tool: Screencasting, a digital recording of computer screen. What does it cost? Low end FREE, at the Professional end, it can be expensive. For use in your classroom, on your website or CPD, Jing, Wink, ScreenToaster, Screencast-o-matic and the many others, are just fine. Just in case you get hooked, Camtasia, for professional…
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15 Nov ’08 0

'The things we don't know, we don't know.'

Expected difficulties can be managed. In terms of the curriculum; new staff, a new KS2 curriculum, a new Unit of work for Year 9s, in their new sets. A revised unit of work (well, almost) for Yr 10s and finally, a new course for low ability students in Yrs 9 and 10 (with a newly…
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12 Oct ’08 0

OneNote of Caution

I have been working with OneNote, writing a scheme of work for our new OCR National in ICT, Unit 4 should be curious. Planning and constructing a scheme of work in OneNote has been a learning experience, OneNote has also offered some ‘oh, thats neat’ solutions to preparing and scripting a scheme of work, but…
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11 Aug ’08 0

When Technology Bites

For the past three months I have had an on going conversation with Virgin Media over problems I have been experiencing with my PC. Some to do with the Virgins PC Guard and then later, I thought to do with being hyjacked. We have had an engineer visit, a new modem and many conversations with…
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7 Aug ’08 1

Marathon Monks and the 'Pretest'

Having taught PSRE yesterday morning I tried a technique that I have rarely used, the pretest. The students had a new research topic and I decided to test the students knowledge before we started the activity. We hard two board scribes who had the task of displaying what the group already knew about buddism. We…
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11 Jul ’08 0

Data Gathering

Next year we have to work with large data sets. As a department we need to gather these large data sets but I am confident that these could be found within school subjects. Even better it could be about the students themselves. Surely Science, PE or Humanities, even Maths, gather data about the students? After…
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11 Jul ’08 1