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Summer Roundup

Well I never managed to post this Summer roundup! This is a retrospective posting…. It has been a very busy summer, some difficulties were expected and some managed. Of course, many unexpected! We have had some real difficulties with the Network, expecially external usage eg financial packages and County services. One or two gliches were…
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20 Sep ’08 0

OneNote of Caution

I have been working with OneNote, writing a scheme of work for our new OCR National in ICT, Unit 4 should be curious. Planning and constructing a scheme of work in OneNote has been a learning experience, OneNote has also offered some ‘oh, thats neat’ solutions to preparing and scripting a scheme of work, but…
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11 Aug ’08 0

RSA – Sir Ken Robinson

I continue to enjoy listening to Sir Ken Robinson speak about the evolution of education every since I first heard his TED talk a few year back. I hope that you will enjoy reflecting on his talk as the recipient of the Ben Franklin Award at the RSA.

10 Jul ’08 0

Who Hits the Ball Back?

Look, I am very lucky to have a number of talented teachers to share ideas with, both within the department and through my PLN (Personal Learning Network) Who do you share ideas with if you are the only member of staff in your teaching team? Who hits the ball back? Today I was talking with…
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1 Jul ’08 0

To do what…?

‘Teaching students to do what?’ That was the phrase from a recent ‘Moving at the Speed of Creativity’ podcast (courtesy of Steve Wycoff) that really struck a cord. I don’t have long to write this post, so I will be concise, never a bad thing. Dr Wycoff’s point is that we should be focus on…
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22 Jun ’08 2

Educational Trips

Having just got back from my first Hamble College educational trip I wanted to think over my thoughts. After all where do colleagues seek guidance when planning educational trips? I can only assume that the smooth running of this trip was due to the planning. The trip organiser was very experienced, having run this trip…
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8 Jun ’08 0