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Opening and Closing Doors

I scheduled this post for one year after it was written? Has much changed? Surprisingly, aged 33, I am about to embark on my first significant career change. All my previous decisions focused on accepting educational opportunities rather than purposeful career changes. It would be neglectful of me not to consider and reflect on what…
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24 Dec ’08 1

Brad Freidel Attendance Award

Aston Villa keeper Brad Friedel broke the record for continuous games played in the Premier League after his 167th game finished in a 0-0 draw with Fulham. That’s five years without a Premier League game off? Although impressive this is far from Carl Ripken played in 2,632 consecutive baseball games. Read more in CI.

29 Nov ’08 0

Day 3 @ SSAT

Another inspiring student presentation with wow factor, I forget to mention the Pearl of Africa, impressive. A modern Step Up performance with great music and costume. An overview of the impact of federation was supported by series of shorter presentation by future leaders. Given the chance to lead early in their careers these presentation provided a number of take home messages for…
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28 Nov ’08 0

SSAT Conference Day 1

It’s day one of the SSAT conference. The 3000 delegates. Impressive venue and the first two speakers set an enquiring tone. Sir Dexter Hutt, only introduced the conference but I felt that there was more I could gleaned from his approach to leadership and his experiences. IMHO it was a shame he was only introducing…
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26 Nov ’08 0

Renewed Enthusiasm

Work is very demanding at the moment, on top of the curriculum, printer rationale, VLE, Website, ‘new build,’ and of course data management, we are currently hosting a PGCE student. The experience of working with a ‘teacher in training,’ has been very rewarding and today was the first day I saw education lighten up his…
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20 Nov ’08 0

'The things we don't know, we don't know.'

Expected difficulties can be managed. In terms of the curriculum; new staff, a new KS2 curriculum, a new Unit of work for Year 9s, in their new sets. A revised unit of work (well, almost) for Yr 10s and finally, a new course for low ability students in Yrs 9 and 10 (with a newly…
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12 Oct ’08 0