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Ofsted Reflections

First, the number of requests for IT Services unsurprisingly peaked this morning. Ian, Alan and I were all in early for an early informal meeting. The next opportunity I had to speak to both Ian and Alan was…. 3:00 before meeting Ofsted. Reflections: Ofsted relies on evidence, what can be proven, what was. Projects, even…
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25 May ’10 0

How Long Before…

I am sitting in the garden, relaxing, watching my little boy ‘pottle’ and play (Saturday 24th). I have a Twitter conversation in the background talking and exploring Teach Meet Moodle and I am browsing my RSS feeds. Meantime I have decided to write this post on WordPress for iPhone because otherwise I will forget what…
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24 Apr ’10 0


BectaX is a one day conference which will congregate the very best thinkers and doers from education, digital media and policy. Together they will find pragmatic solutions to aid the transition towards 21st Century schools in a connected world I have wanted to write this post for a few days, but our busy working and…
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5 Apr ’10 1

#newleaders – Learning on the Job

This past week was probably the busy week of my professional teaching career to date. Here are the reasons; New build IT procurement deadline (handed over to me in January) My wife was away from home Tuesday through Friday on a residential course, experiencing the demands of a single parent to a 19th month old…
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28 Mar ’10 0


I can not wait to re-watch TEDxNYED. For those of you who have missed out on TED, get stuck in. Great website, great resources as well as literally hundreds of edu blog posts reviewing TEDtalks and even spreadsheets categorising them for you like this googledoc by theme or subject There is even a Top 10 Tedtalks. TEDx…
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14 Mar ’10 0


Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare. Japanese Proverb Next year I am taking on a new role at school. Not yet fully defined, but one that will involve coordinating the efforts of more than one department. I will be encouraging the use of a wider range of edtech tools and…
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9 Mar ’10 0