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Making sense of all the data

Having joined the ASCL and accepted a new role, I visited their website and reviewed their data for school improvement resources, starting with ‘Making Effective Use of RAISEonline.’ Here, I found a plethora of RAISEonline and Performance table resources produced by ASCL members David Blow and Peter Kent. Seeing that both were presenting at the Leadership of Data…
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29 Sep ’12 0

Data rich information poor

On Thursday I attended the ASCL Leadership of Data One Day Conference.  This training event represented a significant investment by my school in my professional development and I feel confident it was good value. I came away armed with a sound policy update, refined knowledge brought on by stimulating professional debate and a range of strategies…
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29 Sep ’12 1

Ready, steady, data, go!

Data is mentioned specifically in two of the Headteacher Standards. Firstly, in ‘Leading, Learning and Teaching,’ where it outlines how headteachers need to understand how to collect and analyse data to inform learning and teaching. Second, in securing accountability, where it emphasises how headteachers need the ability ‘to collect and use a rich set of…
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19 Sep ’12 0

Data Glossary for School Improvement

I work with two fantastic middle leaders. Both support me whole heartedly and their feedback is always well considered. In preparing a whole school, whole year, data monitoring calendar I asked if one of my lines to proof both the document and the monitoring tasks. These serves two purposes. The first, it shows my colleagues that I value…
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4 Sep ’12 11

Data for Progress and Achievement – death by traffic lighting

My role for next year is gradually become more defined. In a nutshell I will be in an educational marriage with performance data; SIMs, RaiseOnline, FFT and SISRA the new framework. It is a role anchored to hard data, hard policy and efficient data collection procedures and there is a contrasting supportive / training / building confidence side to the role empowering…
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14 Jul ’12 2

Data man

Learning is not a place, it’s an activity. – Andreas Schleicher. So, an interest TED post, let’s hope we can watch the talk. You can’t copy and paste education systems wholesale, but there are a range of shared factors,” Scheicher acknowledges. “The test of truth is how education weighs against other priorities. How do you…
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27 Jun ’12 0