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Wellington Academy Visioning Day

Wellington Academy Visioning Day – it was a real privilege to facilitate an ICT visioning day with colleagues from Wellington Academy, reinventing, or at least repackaging, ICT under an Enterprise banner. Given a ‘blue sky canvas, we framed with day with three simple Sinek styled investigations. Why do we need to change or in this case reinvent the ICT…
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28 Jun ’12 0

Twitter tidy

Every once in a I spring clean my Twitter feed. Usually with a change of job focus or an addition of a new responsibility. There are a number of very useful services out there to help you review your account, but my preferred choice is Manage Flitter. It is very quick and easy to use with a ‘quick…
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16 Jun ’12 0

Open space – staff consultation

The post follows on from the earlier investigation and visits to schools looking to address the inefficiencies of this ‘typical’ parent and carer events. You know the ones…. where teachers sit around the outside of a main hall and spill into neighbouring class rooms. Where parents and carers desperately attempt to fulfil their almost pointless…
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21 Apr ’12 0

Leadership Pathways Core Day 2

Core Day 2. Commitments has meant a request to change groups and venue, but needs must. A very warm, very pleasant welcome from Jane and Lisa, much like the setting here at The Beach Hotel, Portsmouth. Aims, agenda and house keeping for the day covered, its onwards and upwards. Progress since Core Day 1 What…
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7 Mar ’12 0

Proving Pupil Progress with Claire Gadsby

A morning of performance management interviews was followed by a short coffee break, 2 minutes basking in the amazing late autumn heatwave, before all staff made their way to the main hall to take part in Claire Gadsby’s ‘Demonstrating Pupil Progress to OFSTED and Other Stakeholders,’ seminar. Introduced by our principal as inspirational speaker, Claire…
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1 Oct ’11 6

3D GameLab Introduction

This summer is focused on gaming. I have spent 2 full days working with Quest5 and now the beta launch of 3D Game enters the fray. No longer a student but a player…. here we go. This 3D Gamelab is being offered by Boise State University and is only my second online, international CPD activity…
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1 Aug ’11 0