90 minutes a day

This week I collected my possessions from my old office at Hamble Community Sports College and moved into my new office at The Wellington Academy. I suspect you can imagine the emotional confusion that tasks holds. One consequence (and opportunity) of the new…..

How good is a school?

Stepping in for our Principal last week I picked out a few leader comments that struck a chord. How good is a school? How good are your middle leaders? On making judgements about learning and teaching; I am trying to…..

Wellington Academy Visioning Day

Wellington Academy Visioning Day – it was a real privilege to facilitate an ICT visioning day with colleagues from Wellington Academy, reinventing, or at least repackaging, ICT under an Enterprise banner. Given a ‘blue sky canvas, we framed with day with three…..

Twitter tidy

Every once in a I spring clean my Twitter feed. Usually with a change of job focus or an addition of a new responsibility. There are a number of very useful services out there to help you review your account, but my…..