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I am writing tonight to increase my accountability. I need to allocate some time to the Self Review Framework. There, its in print. This week I am not coaching Thursday and Sunday. So no excuses. This review needs time before the next MOTs meeting. Also, the students grading needs collection!

10 Mar ’08 0


The WWW was conceived 16 years ago. So this years graduates were born and grow up with the future in their horizons. What will those graduating in 2020 experience? Read more at Ewans blog. I was reminded about this fact listening to Ewans presentation from somewhere I was not, and didn’t need to be.

5 Mar ’08 0

Its only Tuesday and…

The snow plough is already being revved up. I have already noted three key roles for my position this term; 1. Complete a Self Review Framework 2. Discipline Policy 3. Yr 11 Emergency Policy The first proposal is one being presented tomorrow, this itself will add to the work load. After I the document is…
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26 Feb ’08 0

Dressing Your Work Up

I listened to a short account on how to encourage students to aim high. Funnily enough it involved meeting your inlaws and the benefits of dressing up smart. When you go to meet the “in-laws”. So you turn up in a suit, shirt and tie and you find out its more of a casual family…
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25 Feb ’08 0


This is not a typical post. I am not writing about work but why I work in education. Half term was great til Tuesday…. wednesday through Saturday I was struggling with a cold, today was the first day I felt a little better and its back to the grind stone tomorrow. Still, too much to…
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24 Feb ’08 0

Coming up for Air

I didn’t blog or reflect this weekend, I needed to come up for air. I also wanted to spend some quality time with my wife, we deserved it, and she deserved it more than anyone. The Last Week of Term I was not very impressed with my achievements this week, perhaps too much to manage…
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22 Feb ’08 0