Author: Kristian Still


Performance Management

Well there is not too much to share. The meeting was simple. The head was pleased with the progress academically and understandably squeezing for every extra percentage point for ICT pass grades. Conversation quickly moved onto the IT focus which I was able to share with him via quotes and a prepared calendar. In order;…
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12 Dec ’08 0

Movements Towards Moodle

The question appears simple the answer is far from it. Which VLE? Before I go on to explain our journey at Hamble College, let me summarise the variable I have encountered that influence the decision making process. Its a lengthy list and each variable could be expanded, so to spare you, excuse the brevity. 1.…
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11 Dec ’08 0

Performance Review

I have now been at Hamble College for nearly 12 months and its my performance review this week. How do these meetings mould our progress as middle leaders. What can I glean from this experience to make me a better middle leader? Foremost in my thinking is the accountability that is acheived and agreed. Second,…
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7 Dec ’08 0


I am still in SSAT conference mode. We have hit the ground running since our return and today we finally got the VLE decided. Yet something has been eating away at me, something that makes me feel that decision we have made is not future proof. Is a VLE essential? Most would say its hugely beneficial but essential? So…
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2 Dec ’08 0

Log Me In and

Sadly, during our Ministers presentation at SSAT, we were not able to see his presentation due to a corrupt USB drive. I was saddened that no-one in his support team had shown him one of the many remote services. He are two FREE solutions; LogMeIn (Windows/Mac) LogMeIn offering a quick, no-hassle set up to remotely…
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30 Nov ’08 0

Free USB Sticks

Memory 4 Teachers is a major new ICT initiative taking place within the UK education sector. The project has been developed, in association with LEAs and Teacher Unions, to support teachers and educators in addressing their ever-increasing workloads by funding the provision of 750,000 USB memory sticks across the UK. Simply register and they will…
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30 Nov ’08 2