Author: Kristian Still


Animoto Again

Some decent photos, a pinch of animoto and the promo video is ready.

22 Nov ’08 0

Too Big to Email

Only the other day were talking about files to big to email and the online, upload / download from link method. Well it just got easier, as long as you are a Microsoft 2007 users. Send that big PowerPoint presentation or Excel spreadsheet without clogging up your email inbox straight from Microsoft Office with YouSendIt. Their new…
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21 Nov ’08 0

Renewed Enthusiasm

Work is very demanding at the moment, on top of the curriculum, printer rationale, VLE, Website, ‘new build,’ and of course data management, we are currently hosting a PGCE student. The experience of working with a ‘teacher in training,’ has been very rewarding and today was the first day I saw education lighten up his…
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20 Nov ’08 0

DMGC Week 2

Well we didnt expect that! We had 46 students arrived and two can after other clubs. Thats nearly a 80% increase from week 1. We started with a few annoucements and then gave a short demo of GIMP. We were not expecting so many students, registration was awkward. I might asked if we can have…
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19 Nov ’08 0

From a 5 Minunte Meal to a Feast

Look, I have been reviewing a number of tools, as an introduction I picked some simple and very easy to access tools that I believe could have a real impact on teaching and learning. As these were not nouveaux but nevertheless valauble, I threw in Google Rome. Very hip! Now I am throwing down the…
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17 Nov ’08 0

#5 5 Minute ICT Meals for ICT

Topic or Tool: Ancient Rome in Google. Wow. Google has released an “Ancient Rome 3D” layer for their popular Google Earth browser. The new layer shows many of the buildings and structures that made up the city during the rule of Constantine the Great. Some of the buildings even have interiors. What does it cost?…
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17 Nov ’08 0