Ofsted – horizons


Ofsted – horizons

22 Mar ’14 Leadership 0

It is easy, for instance, to mistake commitment for accomplishment and enthusiasm for excellence. They are not the same. – Sir Micheal Wilshaw

My experience of the last two Ofsted inspections has been largely positive. The inspection teams were open, challenging and supportive. Far from the Hammer Horror anecdotes posted on teacher forums and bemoaned in hash tagged streams of frustration.

That said, I was reassured by Sir Micheal’s ASCL Conference speech that implied Ofsted were planning to “substantially increase” the number of school inspectors employed directly by Ofsted.

Second, given a personal opinion that “waiting for Ofsted” simply drains the enthusiasm from even the most buoyant staffroom, plans to carry out shorter visits to better schools, to allow more time to be devoted to under-performing ones, is another positive.

I am not against presenting the…

Good teaching only happens when the atmosphere is right in a school and children respect the authority of staff…

argument, however lets not forget that inspiring and challenging lessons certainly amplify a positive attitude to learning, as well as encourage it. Lesson need to be worth behaving for.

Dispelling myths and quashing rumors is never a bad way to close a speech, so a more regionalised Ofsted made up of more experienced school leaders that understand that issuing grades for individual lessons is not the way forward, can only be a positive step.

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